Teal Swan – Manifest the Things You Want With “The Attitude of Gratitude”

Many of you must have heard the phrase “Attitude of Gratitude” but do not know its meaning and why it is essential in life. Having gratitude for everything and everyone in life is your key to manifesting what you want. Many people are grateful even for small things like waking up in the morning, serving their plates, etc. Some, however, are gratitude resistant for various reasons, probably for something happening in the past.

Teal Swan – Embark on your journey of self-love and gratitude

Teal Swan is the best-selling author of six books and an internationally acclaimed spiritual healer. She believes in bringing in a positive transformation to the world with her organization, the Headway Foundation, which hosts events, workshops, and activities across the globe. The Foundation believes in positive world change.

Gratitude is the key to manifestation in the universe.

According to her, the key to manifesting anything you want in your life is gratitude. It is priceless for conscious manifestation. Some people resist gratitude and cringe when they hear the phase. Struggling with gratitude is nothing uncommon as most might have a painful past being its reason. They cannot practice gratitude as it becomes challenging for them. You might feel the same when you are grateful for something or someone. It could be a form of self-betrayal or something like kissing the foot of a person who kicked you.

Why are people resistant to gratitude?

Gratitude for some could be emotionally abusive as they ignore their real pain. They deny, negate or even invalidate gratitude as they believe it is not suitable for them to betray the pain. People feel they are sugarcoating the pain, and it is wrong. It would help if you worked to resolve the pain as it can never change. This attitude will not help you, and it will only make you suffer for life.

Relationships and the role of gratitude

Relationships in the past can result in this resistance to gratitude in a person. If you are gratitude-resistant, it affects your relationship with others as well. For instance, when you sought acknowledgment of appreciation from someone you loved, you never received it. Another scenario could have been your parent doing dirty things to you to cause pain. It is a manipulative power game where the parent controls the child, causing pain. The experience creates misery, and the child feels unsafe. When the child grows up, practicing gratitude becomes hard for them.

Maintain a balance to remain happy in life

Teal Swan believes people should practice gratitude wisely. For instance, someone might be happy around another person in extreme pain. Again, if you are so glad or deny negative feelings in an adverse situation, you feel worse. You cannot be happy; it is like being inside a self-made bubble.

You must maintain a balance between gratitude and attitude. Last but not least, practicing gratitude at festivals and family gatherings works wonders for manifesting all the things you aspire for in life! It helps you to focus on what is essential in any given situation.

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