Bruce Weber Photographer Tips on How to Make New Models Comfortable During Shoots

In the fashion world, Bruce Weber is an eminent name known for his iconic photographs of the male body taken in 1980. His work has been published in several books, and he has also made several documentaries and short movies. He lives in Miami, Florida, USA, and has worked for Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein.

Bruce Weber Photographer tips on the right pose

Fashion photography is just not about the clothes; you need to focus on the model too. Working with both new and old models is part of your profession. Experienced models are aware of poses; however, you should have patience with new models. This helps you in a large way to work with them for your fashion shoots successfully. The Bruce Weber Photographer collection is showcased in several galleries and museums across the world.

You can work on the basic poses to help your model understand what you expect from the shoot. For awkward poses, give the model time and be patient. Working with a new model will take time, so ensure you are ready and prepared for this from the start of the shoot.

How should you start with a new nervous model?

When it comes to breaking the ice with a nervous or new model, he cautions small talk should never be personal. You must make the model comfortable and relaxed. Talk to your model in such a way that it will not feel a stranger is chatting with them or taking their photographs during the shoot. If you do not know the model, do not take the photos instantly- focus on trial shots and talk to them to make them feel a stranger is not talking to them. While in a conversation with them, you can take out your camera to make them feel naturally relaxed.

He suggests starting with portrait poses at the beginning of the shoot. Give your model the time and chance to warm up. They do need time to feel comfortable around you. Simple portrait poses help you in a large way to focus, and when the model gets used to the camera, you can become more relaxed.

Elevate your pictures to art forms

When you have worked with your model and briefed him or her on the correct poses you want, you can elevate fashion photography into a form of art. A Bruce Weber Photographer tip is that you should be consistent and take up as many projects as possible. In this way, you get the opportunity to establish your name and work with many models. Experience always gives you value, and it helps you in a large way to enhance your talent in the field of commercial photography.

As a photographer, he suggests you must keep an extensive portfolio of your work. This helps you to reach out to more clients and be associated with projects. You should have exposure to all types of fashion photography at the beginning of your career. You can, later on, focus on a specific type and concentrate on it fully.

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