Charles Spinelli Explains the Wsefulness of Temporary Staffing Agencies

A vacant position for a short term is not an uncommon thing in the corporate; it is at this point that temporary staffing agencies are a great help confirms. Charles Spinelli, is the President of a Professional Employer Organization that operates in 47 states. Having an experience of more than 24 years, Spinelli reveals how the various types of temporary staffing agencies can help fill temporarily vacant positions so that the normal functioning of any organization is not hindered.

One of the very common scenarios for this kind of empty position within an office is the maternity or paternity leave taken by employees. The temporary staffing companies are then contacted by the organization owners, to supply them with staff who have the required skills for the position. A supply of such temporary staff is commonly done for the roles in the administration, the IT department, warehouse operations, healthcare, etc.

Benefits of hiring temporary staffing agencies

Some of the major reasons why big corporates hire temporary staffing agencies to recruit staff temporarily include:

  1. Time saver – the owners of the organization or the HR is saved a lot of time when the staffing agencies begin to perform. They are saved from the entire ordeal of recruiting a permanent employee. The hiring, payroll, taxes, and benefits of these temporary employees are all taken care of by the staffing agencies, thereby taking away a lot of burdens and saving time for the organization.
  • Pocket-friendly – when the agency takes on their shoulders things like workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and health benefits of these temporary staff, on behalf of the organization, a lot of money is also saved. All the organization pays for is the number of hours for which the temporary staff works.
  • Easy availability of skilled professionals – on hiring a staffing agency, Charles Spinelli rightly points out that organizations do not have to hunt for skilled professionals suitable for the position. This too is ensured by the staffing agency. This helps immensely in quickly filling out the vacant position and carrying forward the regular functioning of the organization.
  • Curbed risks – since the agency takes event the legal angles related to the employees upon themselves, the hiring business does not have to worry about untimely risks.
  • Flexibility – the hiring process when done through these staffing agencies makes it extremely flexible and quick. The best part, however, is that the company does not have to think about long-term commitments or the tedious permanent hire.

Types of temporary staffing agencies

All the above-mentioned benefits can be easily enjoyed through the various types of staffing agencies present, says Charles Spinelli. Some of the common varieties of such agencies include:

  • Industry-specific staffing agency
  • General staffing agency
  • Event staffing agency
  • Creative staffing agency
  • Seasonal staffing agency
  • Executive search firms
  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firms

The specific requirements of the organization in question, form the basis of the selection of a temporary staffing agency. It is therefore that the business owners first need to be absolutely clear about their requirements and then make their choice.

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