5 Key Pieces of Trending Outerwear Perfect for Spending Time Outdoors

For working parents and people who spend a great deal of time taking care of their professional responsibilities, when they return home all they want to do is relax on the sofa with a glass of wine and their favourite television series.

However, there is a wide plethora of benefits to spending more time outdoors, even in the context of spending half an hour in your back garden every day and to make this more comfortable, not to mention more stylish, you should continue reading.

Here are five key pieces of trending outerwear that are perfect for spending time outdoors.

1.    Chocolate Brown Long Coats

Living in the United Kingdom, a coat is much more necessary than in most other countries and, as such, you need more than one.

An investment which is sure to keep you snuggly and fashionable for many years to come is that of a simple, thick woollen, or part-woollen long coat, and for extra style points, choose one in a deep chocolate brown.

2.    Padded Jackets

Padded jackets have seen somewhat of a fashion resurgence in recent years and now, there is nothing trendier than to pair a padded jacket from trendy and affordable designers, such as those at froxx.co.uk, with practical jeans or jeggings.

For a functional but more fashionable outfit, pair your new padded jacket with faux-leather trousers or black leggings and trainers.

3.    Faux Fur Gilets

Ever since the late 1990s, gilets have transformed from a basic gardener’s staple to a high-fashion and sexy addition to an outfit, and fur gilets are the perfect way to combine practicality with style.

Slightly bohemian in nature, fur gilets, either long, teddy-style faux fur, which comes below the waist of your jeans, or else cropped, more fitted gilets with a faux suede lining, gilets are the ultimate layering item.

4.    Block Colour Blazer

If you are looking for a piece of outerwear which is a little more formal than a normal coat or jacket, then look no further than a bright, block colour blazer, perfect for wearing to an outdoor event, such as garden barbecues and even wedding celebrations.

Cobalt blue is the top trending colour right now and the good news is that you will be spoilt for choice, both on the high street and online, for blazers in this colour of all fits, styles, and lengths.

5.    Trench Coats

The fifth and final piece of outerwear which is as fashionable and on-trend as it is functional and comfortable is that of a trench coat, the beauty being that trench coats can be dressed up and dressed down, as desired.

Now, if you are particularly fashion-forward, you could consider investing in a leather, full-length trench coat, which is the hottest thing on the catwalk right now. For a slightly less ostentatious way to wear this latest trend, instead choose a deep khaki, dark grey, brown, or navy-blue version, with oversized lapels and tie waist detail. 

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