Three Types Of Antique Jewellery Designs for Weddings

A woman’s love for jewellery is phenomenal, especially when it comes to antique pieces. Nearly of human civilization is what constitutes antique jewelry. It is generally referred to ornaments that are previously owned and also the jewelry items that are crafted using earlier styles which were customarily associated with an era that is long gone. Inspiration from your gown – In case you are wearing a gown with less detailing as well as embroidery, the motifs used there can provide some much needed inspiration, look for a that has a similar pattern and feeling. It can also be fun to mix it up. For example, contrast geometric shapes with floral or vice versa for a more modern look and interesting in interplay of textures.

However, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean worn before or handed down. Jewels that have an antique appeal to them are becoming highly wanted in today’s world due to the state of the art craftsmanship, high quality gems and not to forget time worn looks. Below, are the styles of antique jewellery that you can opt for in your next social gathering.

1. Meenakari – This style of ornamental creation was introduced by Raja Mansingh. This is an artistic style of jelled ornaments that uses enameling to give oomph to the aesthetic coefficient of that particular ornament. This art form is typically laborious and is usually kept on lac sticks.

After that, the craftsmen etch the most beautiful designs on it and later on matching colored enamel powder is poured into the grooves and then heated until the powder liquefies and gets all around the groove. In the end the prepared design for the jewellery is set on gold or silver to complete the adornment.

2. Jadau – This style of ornamentation combines the elegance of Meenakari and the extravagance of Kundankari, another beautiful design that can be straight lifted out of the Mughal era. It uses uncut diamond polkis as setting techniques and semi-precious stones as the embellishments. Silver or gold foil is wrapped around the polki to make it glisten more while a lac framework is made up for the Ghariaas. The polka is then pushed into the lac structure which is then finished by using gold.

3. Kundankari – This style of jewellery making includes the extravagance of rubies, diamond and sapphires and it originated in the Gujrati or Rajathani royal courts in the early 19th century. Its charm lies in its unique claw setting which is hard to miss. Also, Kundankari jewels are stone crusted and are often lined with vividly colored Meena. Modern fashion conscious brides are even today using Kundan necklaces, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Apart from these, there are other designs that are heavily used in bridal jewellery such as Victorian and Thewa. No matter whatever design it is, it is very important to take care of your engagement  ring  jewellery pieces. It helps to keep their charm and beauty intact and check new trends in styles of silver rings.

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