Get The Best Trading Bots With Using This Important Guide

There are a lot of crypto trading bots out there that you can use when Forex trading. But which of them matters, and which of them don’t? The main purpose of these trading bots is to provide better returns, that’s risk-adjusted, compared to merely owning an underlying asset. If you have this advantage, then you certainly don’t have any reason to use a trading bot from IRESS. Here is the ultimate guide when picking the right trading bots.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bot

1. Team Strength

The startup success relies on the team itself. When you choose a bot that will supervise your money, it is important to ask yourself this question first, “What could be the professional experience attainment of the leaders of that particular firm?” If they have a good track record behind them, then it’s a good option to start with them.

2. Profitability

Are the Forex trading bots preconfigured already to become profitable? Or are they going to simply push you down? To answer these questions, the easiest way out there is to check the public forums mentioning their experiences with the bot. You do not have to spend all your money testing the platform only to find out that they are not worth it. Count the number of negative comments versus the positive ones. Normalize the results against the other to be able to create a relative score.

3. Aligned Interests

What is the minimum deposit? If you see that the monthly cost is too high against the minimum deposit then it means that the company only wants to acquire fee-paying users to mainly make money out of their platforms. Check if they offer a variable fee structure, meaning they are willing to reduce their monthly fees whenever their strategies get unprofitable. Check if they get more compensation whenever the clients get profitable.

4. Customer Support

Another very important factor to consider is the customer support. Whenever something goes out of hand, is there any available customer support to carry on with their tasks? Are they quick in attending to your needs? It is very simple to test the speed of the company. Since the market is open, 24/7, it is just right for the support to be available over the weekend. Do they have an email address? Having an email address is also very helpful. In case the user cannot call directly to their customer support number, then they can send an email, and replies are expected in the least available time, something that IRESS can confidently do. Here are the top 3 most trusted trading bots available.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

1. Credium

The algorithm used in Credium currently generates positive returns. Their seniors also have a good track record when it comes to financing, tech, and Quantitative Trading. Their customer support is very good as support email addresses are visible on almost every page of their site.

2. Shrimpy

Just like Margin, the seniors here in Shrimpy are pretty strong. As for the reviews from their clients, it is mostly positive and they have excellent support access with email addresses found in almost every footer of their site.

3. Margin

The senior team in Margin is also highly experienced in the field. They also have positive reviews all over the internet.


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