Everything You Need to Know About Old Building Damp

The term “Damp” is used to describe a situation when moisture or water is present in a building and that damage the construction in general and walls in particular. Most of the modern buildings are damp proof.  But the issue with old buildings are completely different. The Actual Problem with most of the heritage buildings that they are not damp proof.

Damp can damage your building totally. It not only affects that plaster that you see externally but it also affects the hidden lumber that stays in touch of moist masonry. This is one of the major problems that any homeowner can have.

Different Type of Dampness:

The common three types of damps are:

  1. Rising damp
  2. Penetrating damp
  3. Condensation damp

Rising dampness is a common type of problem that includes the condition where moisture or water raised from the ground of the building. Condensation dampness takes place on walls and windows. It can occur due to indoor activities like boiling kettles, in-house drying clothes etc. On the other hand, environmental moisture can also affect a residential or commercial building. Penetrating dampcan occur due to the problem of a building’s water supply line and drainage system. The below reasons can cause Penetrating dampness:

  1. When the gutter starts leaking
  2. Defective pointing
  3. Faults around window and door joints
  4. Flawed plumbing
  5. When water pipes do not work properly and more

Especially in heavy raining areas, the bricks or the stones of the building starts soaking water and allow them to enter in the inner portion of the building. When abnormal amount of moisture take place in a commercial, residential or industrial building due to any of the above reason that canaffect the natural evaporation process. This condition can also cause penetrating dampness. The below Symptoms will help owners to understand this type of condition:

  1. When water marks continue growing
  2. Random appearance of damp patches
  3. Wet patches
  4. Plaster damaging
  5. Musty room smells
  6. Continues growth of black of mould

What to Do In Case of Damp:

The problem of dampness can occur in any commercial, residential or even in industrial buildings. Whenever building owners find the sign of dampness in their building they can hire any local damp proofing companies. The executives of this type of companies are well experienced and skilled in protecting the building from dampness. Building owners can use their local connection to find a service provider. There is also another solution. They can use the power of the internet for finding a service provider. But it is always suggested to choose a moist proofing company carefully. Make sure that service provider is well experienced and has good track record.

Bottom Lines:

So this is all for today. Here you came to know everything about old building dampness. Hope the article was helpful and you enjoyed reading it. If you still have any question regarding this, feel free to ask the expert by using the comment box below.

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