Selin Sakarcan- Boost Your Foot Health with Weight Loss

Foot health is essential for a healthy life. However, many people are unaware of this crucial fact. You must ensure that your ankles and feet are looked after and taken care of well. However, when it comes to eliminating pain and injuries, you should manage your weight first. If you are obese, pressure is created on the feet and ankles, leading to several mild and acute damage that will later affect your overall life adversely.  

  • Selin Sakarcan- How does excess weight affect your feet and ankles?

Selin Sakarcan is an esteemed podiatric physician, ankle and foot surgeon, and medical resident from the USA. According to her, the condition of your feet and ankles is significant when it comes to maintaining overall health. Currently, she is working with a non-profit organization known as Back on My Feet, located in New Haven, Connecticut. 

The ankles and the feet bear the whole burden of your body for the entire day. Many people take them for granted, and their daily habits cause pain and injuries to them. This is why one should be aware of their body weight to avoid these injuries and pain. 

  • Preserve the arch with less pressure 

Pressure causes inflammation in the feet, tendons, and the plantar fascia. This condition makes taking steps excruciating, especially in the morning. When you carry weight, it affects the feet’s arch, and this causes problems in walking. Maintaining this arch is essential for you to withstand the force coming from your whole body.

  • Reducing the risks of diabetes and gout 

When you have excess weight, this leads to other chronic conditions, one of which is gout. This condition takes place when crystals of uric acid develop in your feet. You also have nerve compression. This is where you need to keep a healthy weight to stop complications like diabetes, like lesser blood flow in the feet and legs. 

  • It prevents injuries and ankle arthritis 

Being obese or overweight causes ankle injuries because you exert a lot of pressure at every step. You should maintain a healthy body weight, which will prevent you from developing a condition known as ankle osteoarthritis and another disease called rheumatoid arthritis. Both of these health conditions cause damage to the cartilages and the joints in the lower areas of the body.

According to Selin Sakarcan, you should always consult a doctor if you feel any discomfort in the feet. The shoes you wear are essential. You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time when you opt for sneakers. The heel height for other shoes must be comfortable, and you should never exceed your limits.

Being an avid athlete and regular marathon runner, she helps guide people on the importance of a healthy life. Weight loss can be attained with exercise and diet. Rest and sleep are essential as well for overall feet and ankle health. At the end of the day, your health is the biggest wealth.

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