Want To Plan The Diet Of Your Pet! Read This First…

Do you remember the incident of “2007 pet food scandal”! Yes, every pet lover like you just cannot turn his back on such an incident when thousands of pets in South Africa, North America, and Europe lost their lives. Even today, it is difficult to get good dog food nutrition; and manipulative marketing techniques are responsible for that to a large extent. But, what is more important is, to know properly about the appropriate food habits of your pet dogs. Do you know that more than 40% pet lovers often cause harm to their pets inadvertently since they don’t have the right knowledge about the good food nutrients for the pets! Yes, that’s the bitter truth. Therefore I would like to throw light on the correct diet for your pet dog so that you never harm it even by coincidence.

Get out of the traditional ideas first:

Always keep in mind that your pet deserves indispensable nutrients to stay lively and in good physical shape. But, most of you do a blunder when you start relying on some pets canned, raw or dry dog food and home-cooked materials for their diet whereas the fact is they are not even close to an optimal diet for dogs. Therefore, you just need to ignore these foods at first. Rather keep at least six elements in your mind for their food: minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and finally, water. You just need to consult an experienced pet instructor and then create a customized diet plan keeping all of these elements in right proportions.

Few more things to remember:

·         If you prefer buying commercial quality dog food or home cooked food then always remember that the protein level must not exceed 50% of your dog’s diet. And protein means good quality protein- no “meat byproducts”; well, this has been generally found in all sorts of cheaper commercial pet dogs. You can also try chicken, lamb, Beef, and fish for providing the optimal nutrition to your pet.

·         When it comes to right fat proportion; you can offer them oil supplement of fish oil, safflower oil or olive oil, and flaxseed oil; all of these would make their skin healthy and glossy.

·         Many of you must have thought that dogs are carnivorous, but the reality is you need to give them a wide range of foods and carbohydrates. This is extremely crucial for canine nutrition since they need some grains – brown rice, barley, and oats other than chickens or meat alternatives. Avoid corn or soy in most of the food brands because it can prove to be very much unhealthy as well.

·         Another type of foods that you must include in their diet some vegetables and fruits. These ingredients would provide them adequate minerals and vitamins and other critical digestive enzymes.

So, you need to combine all of these in right proportion so that your pet dog never suffers from health issues caused by some improper diet. You can get further help from fildena for further information.

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