The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Hygge Living Room

Hygge, otherwise often referred to as Scandinavian Chic, is a branch of interior design which focuses on bringing the Apres-Ski vibes off the slopes and into the home.

Whether you have already invested in a few key pieces and are looking for some more inspiration, or else are wondering whether Hygge is the aesthetic impression you want for your lounge, then continue reading to discover the ultimate guide to designing a hygge living room.

Create a Reading Nook

If your living room has the space, then one way to create a Hygge feel in your lounge and to create a visually stunning impact on entry is to create a small reading nook in the corner of the room, or else underneath the window.

Cover the area in furry cushions and sherpa blankets and invest in a natural wooden small bookcase, either for the wall beside the window or else to stand in the cushioned area. There is nothing more relaxing than reading a book in the warm and cosy atmosphere of a Hygge reading nook.

Wooden Floors

Even though the aesthetic impact of a carpeted floor, particularly one which has been looked after and well-maintained, can be impressive, if you are dedicated to making your living room the living embodiment of the Hygge concept, then wooden floors are the way to go.

Established wooden flooring and carpet suppliers, like balham carpets, will advise you on the type of wood to best complement the rest of your home, and indeed, help you decide on the best way to commence the change. Wooden flooring is also by far the best choice for people who either frequently, or else permanently, use a wheelchair.

Minimalistic Side Boards

Another key feature of Hygge living is to minimise the volume of clutter and ornaments on display around your lounge, and instead, stick to clean lines and focus on space.

No true Dane would ever have, for example, that drawer full of clutter and things you do not want to throw away, yet neither have a use for, in the cabinet of their living room dresser and when it comes to the windowsills, keep them free from anything other than perhaps a wooden clock.

Reuse & Recycle Older Items

Danish people hate waste, especially when it comes to old objects that are in good working condition but are rejected because they do not ‘fit in’ with the rest of the décor.

If you are feeling particularly creative, or else are adept at following instructions whilst watching a YouTube channel, take an old chair which currently does not represent the Hygge style and upcycle it. Moreover, if you have been donated or even gifted a piece of furniture or home décor item which you can see the potential, instead of buying something new, you could repurpose this instead.

Additionally, as candles are also an essential part of the Hygge aesthetic, repurposing old candle holders is also an excellent and cost-effective idea.

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