The Five Common Things that a Father must Teach his Son

The relationship between a father and a son is something that can never be expressed through words. It is a unique bond that continues to grow stronger with time. Well, as a little boy, I can think of many amazing things that I have learnt from my Dad. Yes, there are some exclusive activities, which a father must teach his son. Let us take a look at them as they are mentioned below in brief:

  • How to Throw a Ball?

The contemporary children have simply forgotten the utmost pleasure that one can obtain through varied outdoor games. Well, it is my earnest request to all the contemporary Dads, drive your sons out into the field and teach them how to throw a ball. Yes, fathers love to train their son and inform them about the diverse techniques of holding a ball and throwing it successfully.

  • What is the Importance of Physical Fitness?

The fathers of the modern times must inform their son about the utmost significance of physical fitness. Yes, in a world that is controlled by technological innovations, as a dad, you would surely not want your son to be a lazybones. Moreover, indulging in manifold physical pursuits and exercising together is a great way to improve the father-son bond.

  • Why is Discipline Necessary?

Being a fun dad is something that every man dreams of. But that does not mean surrendering in front of the silly indulgences of your son. You must teach your little boy the significance of discipline. You should let him know the appropriate ways by which one could enjoy as well as have sobriety.

  • How to participate in Adventurous activities like Camping and Fishing?

Fathers always teach their son to be brave enough to take part in the varied exhilarating activities. It is almost customary for the Dads to go on camps or fishing with their son and teach them proper methods to succeed. For example- the right place to put up a tent or the optimal way of hooking a worm to the fishing rod.

  • How to Tie a tie?

In the present times, the internet has allowed us to learn everything in a simpler and more convenient manner and this includes tying a tie. But the personal tips that dads offer their sons so that they can look like a gentleman is something that the virtual world can never provide.

  • How to grow a beard and shave it?

Boys, who have grown up seeing their fathers with beards cannot really wait to have their own. Well, all dads offer some exceptional tips to their sons on this matter and some of them are as follows:

  • Keeping the beard clean is necessary. If you do not wish to shave, get a trimmer so that your face looks neat.
  • Wash the beard and comb it regularly.
  • Shave in one direction using quality shaving creams, razors and aftershave lotions.

Every father actually looks forward to this specific day when he can finally bequeath his hard-earned knowledge about beards and shaving to his son.

The aforementioned points are some of the substantial things that fathers should teach their sons. This would enhance their relationship and make it better.

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