Social Activities to Promote Wellbeing in Older People

The importance of maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing only becomes greater as people age. For many older people, social activities can play a critical role in promoting overall wellbeing and health. Staying social in later life provides opportunities for connecting with others, finding engaging things to do, and learning new skills – all of which can have a positive impact on mental wellness.

The Mental Health Benefits of Social Activities for Older People

Loneliness and social isolation are, sadly, common issues for the elderly – especially those with limited mobility, and those who live alone. Social activities can help combat these problems by providing individuals with more opportunities to connect with others and spend time engaging in the activities that they enjoy. Many social activities also promote a sense of purpose and belonging, leading to a positive impact on mental health. Nursing homes like use a vibrant social calendar of stimulating and engaging things for residents to take part in, to improve mental health and quality of life.

Staying Social and Physically Healthy in Later Life

What’s more, doing things together in social groups can also benefit physical health, strength, and wellness. Social programmes that encourage seniors to get up and move more such as gardening clubs, walking groups, or dancing classes, are also great ways to improve flexibility, physical fitness, strength, and balance.

Some of the Best Social Activities for Older People

Whether you are a nursing home activities coordinator, a relative of an older person who’s lacking in the social aspect of their lives, or an older person looking for fun and engaging things to do with other people, there are plenty of excellent options to choose from. Some social pursuits that many older people take part in regularly and enjoy are as follows:

Exercise and fitness classes: Physical activity is crucial for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing in later life. Classes designed for older people are not only a fun way to stay fit and healthy, but they can also be ideal for meeting new people.

Volunteer work: Many older people enjoy volunteering during their retirement. Volunteering for a cause that is close to one’s heart is a way to give back to the community and spend your time doing something worthwhile and meaningful to you. Older people give up their time to help a huge range of organisations in a range of roles, such as working in a local charity shop, volunteering to teach kids life skills, or volunteering in animal care.

Gardening clubs: Tending to the garden gets people outside, soak in the fresh air and nature, and get moving in an enjoyable way. A gardening club can be a fantastic opportunity for older people to connect with others who share their interests, learn new skills, and create something they can be proud of.

Book clubs: Reading and discussing different books can be a good way for older people to keep themselves cognitively sharp by engaging their minds in new reading material and discussing it with others. A book club can be a great place to meet new people while sharing your opinions and thoughts on a variety of topics.

Socialising and taking part in activities that they enjoy is a key part of promoting the health, wellbeing, and quality of life of older people. Whether you’re looking for something to do yourself, or something to encourage an older relative to do, we hope these ideas are useful. 

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