Ram Chary Everi – The Importance of Logo Design for a Company

A business logo refers to a symbol that depicts the name and nature of the business companies conduct in the market. The sign comprises graphic images, alpha-numeric text, distinct shapes, or a unique combination of all three. It appears on the companies’ letterheads, business cards, vehicles, and advertisement billboards. A good business logo provides prospective customers with information about the corporations, and they begin to associate the organizations with it. The buyers know what kind of business the corporate enterprises pursue, their background, core values, vision, and mission. The logo enables them to distinguish the enterprises from their competitors who carry on similar business activities.

Ram Chary Everi – Why is professional-looking business logo design important for companies?

Ram Chary Everi is a graphic designer and ardent photographer from Boston with many years of industry-based experience. He is a graduate majoring in fine arts and an alumnus of Boston University. Currently, he designs a diverse range of printed materials for his corporate clientele and covers their business events with his camera. He always travels to the northeast to fish for tuna during his spare time. He regards staying on a boat in the middle of the water to find good tuna to be refreshing. He is an avid supporter of Oceana, a non-profit organization encouraging people to become good stewards through educational webinars.

A well-designed business logo design enables companies to build credible brand recognition and customer loyalty for their products. The professional-looking symbol conveys to potential buyers who the corporations are, their business activities, and how they benefit them. It grabs the attention of these prospective customers and engraves a strong impression in their minds. The buyers easily recognize the companies’ products whenever they see the business logo and distinguish them from competitors. They can expect corporate enterprises to come up with consistently high-quality products at reasonable prices. It lays the foundations for the companies to capture a significant market segment.

Factors to consider when designing a professional-looking business logo

Companies should pay attention to the following factors when designing a professional-looking business logo under the supervision of a graphic design specialist:

  • Ensure the logo symbol visually highlights the business ethos, values, vision, and mission,
  • Analyze the competitors’ logos but devise a unique logo design that resonates with customers,
  • Adopt the principles of simplicity, versatility, and appropriateness in the logo design,
  • Incorporate colors in the logo which appeal to customers and influence their buying decisions,
  • Adopt a font that complements the logo design and colors,
  • Ensure the logo is easily recognizable on both online and offline advertisement channels, and
  • Make sure the business logo is scalable to fit perfectly on business cards and billboards.

According to Ram Chary Everi, companies must devise a business logo that is not memorable artwork but easily conveys their brand message to customers. The symbol should be scalable enough to fit both business card andbillboard advertisement sizes. Customers should recognize the logo and find it aesthetically pleasing on online and offline advertisement platforms. Then only will the companies’ business logo remain cut above the rest.

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