Nelson Partners Discusses the Experience of Living in an Off-campus Accommodation

There are many perks of living off campus, getting the chance to truly live independently being one of the major ones.  There is a sense of excitement and adventure present in the notion of living away from home and campus. In addition to providing students greater flexibility and liberty, off campus living also enables them to develop and hone certain crucial life skills.  Today there are a magnitude of off campus housing options available, among which students should select the ones that suits their desired living standard and preferences. Some of the most high-end off campus housing facilities are developed by companies like Nelson Partners.

A shared college dorm room can get too crammed, especially if one has a messy roommate. Most kids have their own rooms while growing up, and hence are not comfortable with the limited space offered by modern dorms. Hence, they usually opt to explore off campus housing options that are more spacious. Even if students share these apartments or purpose built student housing units with a friend, they will have ample room for their own self. Off campus housing also provides the feeling of living in a real house, and leading life like an independent adult. One can always invite their friends over to such rooms and spend time with them, without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

As the students sign a lease for an apartment or a purpose-built student housing unit, such an experience will make them feel more like a real adult. They will gain more understanding about contracts and terms, as well as gain experience in communicating with landlords. In simpler terms, they shall have a real-life practice of how it is to live as a young adult. Moreover, the students are also likely to get their very first rental history as they choose to rent an off-campus facility. This can benefit them in the near future, as they would be able to find another house to rent faster if they have a good rental history.

A college dorm life comes with a number of rules, including strict overnight guest restrictions and curfews. Students may not be permitted to do many things within the dorm premises. Usually, a Resident Assistant or RA is appointed to enforce those rules, and all the students staying at the dorm need to abide by them.  On the other hand, if a person stays at their own apartment or a purpose-built student housing unit developed by companies like Nelson Partners, they would be the ones responsible for setting their own rules and calling the shots. Even though there would be certain basic rules in place for the entire building, they are usually not too stringent. A lot of students today opt to take advantage of off campus residential options due to lack of curfews, so that they are able to come back whenever they want. 

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