Make Your Home a One-of-a-Kind Stunner: Top Upgrades for 2023

Stunning character and beautiful features aren’t just for those with the funds, means, and vision to restore an old property. With the right investments, you can transform your newly built home into something that stands out and feels unique – even if you live in a suburban development. While big renovations outside aren’t typically worth the cost, there are many amazing upgrades you can make to the interior of your property that will help it stand out – and even emulate that stunning vintage look.

So, if you’ve always been upset that your home doesn’t have more character, consider these upgrades today.

Your Fireplace

A fireplace is a focal point, which makes it an excellent spot to focus on when it comes to upgrading your property with unique character features. While yes, you can actually find real vintage mantels, these can be hard to install. If you want the largest range of vintage-inspired recreations that are ready to be fitted to your home, head to a supplier like Stonewoods that specializes in Victorian designs.

Unique Hardware

Upgrade your lights, switches, handles, and even taps. These items are very easy to replace, even if you don’t have any DIY experience. When it comes to taps or anything to do with electricity, it is safer to hire a professional. To get the most value out of their service, make sure you have all the replacement lights or taps ahead of time so they can do it at once.

New Flooring

Flooring takes up a lot of our visual space, so changing it out can help make any property feel different in an instant. If you don’t want to or don’t have the budget at the moment to do your whole home, use area rugs instead. Keep in mind that the best-looking area rugs are usually quite expensive. It depends on what you care about more – the overall look of the home or the look of each room. With rugs, at least, you can upgrade them room by room as you save up. With flooring, you should change it all out at once.

Wall Accents

There are so many fun ways you can add accents to your walls. You can add a gallery wall, paneling, a brick wall, wallpaper, and so much more. A fun trend that’s going on right now is to use skirting paneling to create a frame and then put in a large mural behind it. You don’t need to have someone come and paint that mural, either. Rather than paint, it’s an easy-to-apply wallpaper scene. You can even get peelable wallpaper and hang up a frame instead if you want it to be removable.

Custom Storage

You can make your built-in storage stand out and act like a character feature focal point. Or you can keep it seamless and hide the storage from obvious sight. Both can help make your home look amazing because even when the storage doesn’t stand out, it helps your furniture and décor shine. You want it to be easy to keep appliances, tools, and clutter out of sight, and built-in storage is just the way to do that. 

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