Interior Design Tips to Create a More Modern & Stylish Aesthetic

Just like with the clothing you choose to wear and the accessories you choose to pair your outfits with, interior design and home décor are entirely subjective and are all about expressing your personality inside your own home.

However, if you are looking for a change to one or more interior living spaces within your property and are searching for inspiration, then you have certainly clicked on the right article.

Here are the top four interior design tips for creating a more modern and stylish aesthetic for your home.

1.    Artwork

The first top suggestion in this article, which will make a huge difference in bringing your home decor up-to-date while simultaneously expressing your own personal style and personality, is to add some beautiful and thought-provoking pieces of art.

Be it sculptures that take your fancy or an oil-painted canvas, whichever piece of modern art you choose, just make sure you are investing in it because you like it and you want it and that you are not swayed by what other people think, not even art ‘critics’.

You could even look into pieces of pottery or handstitched embroidery pieces, and if you are all about supporting local businesses, why not see if you can have a bespoke piece of art by commissioning a local artist in your area?

2.    Focus on Simple Lines

Modern art and modern interior design themes are always focused on creating a picture of harmony and synchronicity, and as such, when designing the walls, floors, and textiles in each room, keep the phrase ‘simple lines’ in the forefront of your thoughts.

Not only are simple lines at the heart of modern property design for both private homes and commercial spaces, but in tandem are also neutral-based colors, shades, and tones, referring to everything from the furniture to the carpets.

3.    See What Is Out There for Yourself!

There are a million and one reasons why buying yourself several different home design magazines and sitting down with a scrapbook and pen is worthwhile, but you can never truly envelop yourself in an inspiring place if you do not get out there and visit a design store yourself.

From local and family-run home décor suppliers to large and impressively successful furniture designers, such as those who specialize in interior design chelsea, the best way to get inspiration is to immerse yourself in the world of home design.

4.    An Open Plan Kitchen

The fourth tip on the list, and one which is easily the most expensive yet perhaps the most rewarding, is to transform your kitchen to one that is open plan.

There are numerous benefits to changing the overall design aesthetic of your kitchen to a more open-plan blueprint, not least the opportunity to have more space in both rooms. Open-plan kitchens also create a much-improved natural flow from room to room and can even be credited with improving the levels of communication with different members of the household.

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