How to Make Great Food a Priority in 2023

We all love delicious food, but we’re also wary about new experiences. This can mean eating the same dishes over and over, with only minor tweaks and adjustments going from there. A huge part of this lack of variety is the cost-benefit. Trying new things is fine, but paying for them when you may not like them isn’t. With so much information online nowadays in terms of reviews and information, we can also get overloaded with options – and that’s just when it comes to eating out.

Making new, great meals again and again at home takes time, energy, and preparation. In short, things that busy workers just don’t really have. Both of these issues combined can mean you’re not enriching your life with good food. 2023 is the year this all comes to an end. Get started with your new food journey today with these top tips.

Share with Others

When it comes to trying new restaurants, and especially new cuisines, get others involved with the process. Choosing that one dish that you like best can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you aren’t familiar with the dishes themselves. By going with a big group of friends or family, you can then split up dishes and share. You can do this sitting down in the restaurant itself or at home. Top restaurants like offer both options, allowing you to choose the option that fits your schedule best. Trying these new places with a group means you can taste more meals, keep track of what you like and what you don’t, and can also help you bond with others through the culturally important tradition of sharing food.

Prepare One Recipe Per Week

Great cooking requires training, so if you keep making the same boring meals over and over, you aren’t actually expanding your skillset. This is why trying to make new things can feel so hard, but the answer is obvious: practice. The best way to practice and learn how to make full, delicious meals off the top of your head is to start by following recipes. Since this can take time and planning, start by making one recipe per week. This will give you the time to make sure you have all the ingredients and allow you to mentally prepare time to dedicate to this new dish. Add music and good company, and you’ll have an excellent Friday night-in experience.

Go Beyond Your Grocery Store

If you want the food you eat to taste better, then you’ll want to improve the quality of the ingredients that you use. The best way to do this is to go to markets. Going to the farmer’s market can be a great way to meet new people, feel connected to your food, and help your local community. Not only that but going to these markets and taking your time can be a great, mindful activity that helps you relax and destress.

Prioritize Leftovers

Eating well regularly takes a lot of time and effort! The best way to take back that time and energy is to prepare more servings when you do cook so that you can then simply reheat your meals and enjoy better-tasting lunches for longer. This tip particularly applies to any sauces or pastes you prepare since these can elevate any meal and are very easy to store.

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