Hind Louali Underlines Why Performing Arts Are Important

Learning drama, dance, and music has wide reaching benefits for individuals. It equips them with the tools they need to innovate, think creatively, as well as appreciate diverse cultures and backgrounds. In the opinion of Hind Louali, many studies have also concluded that students who take part in performing arts enjoy an improved performance in their academic subjects. Due to their better confidence levels and enhanced communication skills, these students become empowered in whatever career path they choose to take up as young adults.

Hind Louali lists a few of the factors that make performing arts highly important

Performing arts play a major role in human society and culture. They have been integral to human civilization for generations and continue to hold a special place in the lives of people today.  A lot of people believed that the performing arts would gradually become obsolete with the rise of the internet and television. They thought that with time performing arts will become unfashionable and little used by society. However, despite these beliefs, the prominence of performing arts has not diminished as such over time. In fact, they are continuing to attract new talent and expertise.

Here are a few reasons why performing arts are important:

  • Self-expression and communication: Performing arts provide a means to people to express themselves in a creative manner, explore their thoughts and emotions, as well as and communicate with others in powerful and unique ways. Artists are able to tell stories, share perspectives, convey complex messages, and provoke emotions through their performances, thereby facilitating a deeper understanding and connection with others. Dance, theatre, music, and other performing arts teach people how to express themselves in an effective manner, and can also be a tool with which people with disabilities may communicate. A lot of performing arts students are shy when they start attending classes, but gain confidence gradually and find ways to communicate their thoughts and feelings through art. Theatre and the performing arts can also teach the society about itself, by pointing out the attitudes and mindsets of current society
  • Personal Development: In the opinion of Hind Louali, participating in performing arts can contribute to the personal development and growth of a person. It encourages qualities like creativity, perseverance, and self-discipline, and fosters emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-confidence. The performing arts also provide opportunities for collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving, while nurturing skills and capabilities that are valuable in various aspects of life.
  • Cultural preservation and diversity: Performing arts are commonly rooted in cultural traditions. They can serve as a means to promote, celebrate and preserve diverse cultural heritage. Performing arts are known to contribute to the richness and diversity of human culture, thereby providing a platform for distinctive ethnicities, nationalities, and communities to share and celebrate their unique artistic expressions and stories.

While performing arts definitely are a great source of entertainment and enjoyment for audiences, they also have a long history of serving as a platform for social commentary and advocacy. Performing arts teaches people about history and can educate them in many ways.

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