Hillandale Farms Mentions Some of the Healthiest Ways to Prepare Eggs

No matter whether one is preparing a filling breakfast, a light salad, or even baking a cake, the addition of eggs can make everything better. They are a protein packed item that can be enjoyed for any meal, and prepared in a number of healthy ways. People can further boost their egg nutrition by buying the highest quality eggs they can, preferably through companies like Hillandale Farms. For a healthier outcome, it will also be prudent to cook the eggs using heat-stable and nutritious saturated animal fats like butter and tallow.

Hillandale Farms points out a few of the healthiest ways to prepare eggs

Eggs are considered to be a superfood by many. After all, they are packed with all the nutrients one needs, including vitamins, protein, fats and trace minerals. However, not many people understand that the manner in which they prepare or cook the eggs can have a huge impact on how healthy they are. Of the many ways to cook and eat eggs, there are preparations that help in reducing the oxidization of cholesterol, unlocking proteins and conserving nutrients better than others. Here are some of the healthiest ways to prepare eggs:

  • Poached Eggs: On the basis of getting the most nutrients out of the eggs while lowering the risk of oxidizing cholesterol, poaching would be the ideal way to cook and eat eggs. Poached eggs are exposed to relatively low heat for a short period of time, and their yokes stay intact. To poach eggs, one needs to start by simmering water between 160–180°F (71–82°C) and then use a whisk to get the water spinning. After that, one can crack in an egg and allow it to cook for 1–3 minutes.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: Boiled eggs are pretty healthy. They keep the yokes intact, thereby protecting them from any kind of oxidization that may occur with direct heat exposure. Moreover, hard boiled eggs retain 3x more vitamin D than baked eggs. Hard boiled eggs are also a fuss-free way of eating eggs. They can be enjoyed as a keto snack as well.
  • Fried Eggs: Choosing to fry eggs sunny side up for a short span of time can not only protect the yolk from oxidization, but also creates a great variation in texture. The runny texture and firm protein of the egg make it an ideal topping for a juicy burger or steak.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Scrambling eggs are among the most popular ways to prepare eggs in American families. Even though scrambled eggs do expose cholesterol to heat and potential oxidation, it is not something one has much to worry about. Moreover, one can always opt for a soft scramble to make the dish healthier. Scrambled eggs also allow for the easy addition of healthy fats.

To enjoy healthy and wholesome meals with eggs, one should try to purchase fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms. It is also important to understand that cooking eggs for longer can deplete more nutrients. Hence, it is better to keep the egg dishes as simple as possible.

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