Erik Mogensen Colorado On Packing For Ski Trip

Packing is the most overlooked aspect of any vacation or trip. People put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right place to stay, and the right time to visit the travel destinations, and they even take a lot of time to plan out what they are going to eat while on vacation. However, when it comes to packing, they usually do it at the last moment. This is why, packing becomes a problem, and most of the time people either overpack or under-pack. So, to avoid such mistakes on a skiing trip, one needs to take out time and pack with care. It is going to solve a lot of troubles.

Erik Mogensen Colorado On Skiing Trips

Erik Mogensen Colorado is a ski coach who operates from Colorado. Erik is well-known in his circle because he treats his students with compassion and understanding. He always goes out of his way to help people come to terms with the discomfort they feel while skiing. Erik says that packing right for a skiing trip is akin to being at peace while on the ski resort. If one gets everything one needs, there will be no requirement for anxiety and worry.

Erik reminds the beginners that skiing trip packing should be done keeping in mind the season. Yes, depending on the season, the packing should take place. One needs to purchase things based on when one is going to the ski resort. Is it in the mid-winter time? Is it in the early springtime? Once one decides the right time to go for a ski vacation, one can start shopping for a particular trip.


Because one will be hauling the gear for skiing, one will need something sturdy to accommodate everything. So, the fact is – if one drive to the ski resort, one can minimize shopping for multiple bags. However, if someone flies to the resort, then getting multiple bags will be required. One will need at least one sturdy bag for the skiing gear. Those who are flying need to weigh their bags before bringing them to the airport. Heavy bags need extra charges. Normally, if one is driving a duffle roller bag will be sufficient. These types of bags hold a lot of elements. Only there should be an extra bag for skiing gear.

Packing The Right Way

Erik says that it is important to organize everything. If one wants to avoid missing things, one needs to start sorting things ahead of time. It is easy to leave things at home. For this reason, people must be careful about what they take with time. Creating a list usually helps at the time of packing.


Even if one is planning to ski in early springtime, one needs to pack a waterproof jacket. Without the shield of this jacket, one will have a hard time while skiing. For this reason, it is the first thing to pack. 

Erik Mogensen Colorado says that shoes are also important because comfortable shoes provide the required safety up on the slopes. Therefore, one should get a comfortable pair without hesitation.

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